The urban landscape hides a wonderland. A place where creativity breeds, innovation dances, where ideas are celebrated, where alternate is the norm, where the mundane is abhorred. All one has to do is find the rabbit hole, the looking glass to slide in and be a part of this world. Welcome to the Urban Wonderland.

Client - Breakbounce Streetwear
Agency - ASK Creative
Creative - Arun Kumar, Sameera and Anoop
Photography - Aashith Shetty
Production - MV Productions Zie Vazirally Mubina Vaziralli
Aura productions/Thailand Harshad Gadhvi Sonie Hiren and the fabulous team.
Styling - Jimmy / Harshad Gadhvi
HMU- Kitty / Kitty Kittiya Duangpolon
Retouching - Jomy Varghese Vinayachandra

Other Projects

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